The Katie Walsh Mysteries


Katie Walsh

Meet Katie Walsh, an investigative mythologist of ancient Celtic/Nordic myths and legends as well as Anglo-Saxon runes.  She believes in leveraging modern technology to delve deep into the origins and original meanings of these ancient tales to prove they were based on fact. Katie is 35 years old, 5′ 1″, with chestnut hair and hazel green eyes.

Much like the childhood game of ‘Telephone,’ Katie must roll back the myths to their origins to determine just what our ancestors were trying to tell us. Because these epic tales have survived millennia, she believes our ancestors were trying to ensure that we remembered them and understood their meaning. Katie asks the question “Why?” and is determined to link the past with the present.


Katie Walsh is an investigative mythologist seeking clues that could lead her into the very distant past and uncover the secrets of the mythic Norland.

Alec MacGowan is an archaeologist specializing in Celtic history. He’s a 6’3″ well-chiseled male with grey eyes and dark, almost blue-black hair. He’s in desperate need of an expert in Runes in order to bring a murderer to justice.

They met five years ago, literally picking each other up in the bar of the Uber Metro Hotel in London. Her one condition was no names. She didn’t want to know who he was or where he was from. She just wanted one uncomplicated, delicious night. Agreeing to her terms, he called her KitKat because, as he told her “I think you’re a bit of a wildcat, but since you’re tiny like a kitten, I opt for KitKat.” She called him Grey Eyes. After that one night and in the pre-dawn light she slipped away before she was tempted to ask him who he really was.

Five years later, they’re re-united as their worlds collide when they are thrown together to decipher the murdered man’s notes and identify his killer. As the quest unfolds, they are forced to deal with their simmering attraction and hidden secrets.

Can they uncover the secret hidden in the murdered man’s notes before the killer finds them? And can they open their hearts to each other before it’s too late?

Follow Katie and Alec as they search for clues in their race to uncover secrets from the long past and their past while staying out of the killer’s cross-hairs.

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