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The internet truly opens new worlds allowing us to make new friends from close to home and faraway. One of my new friends is Nancy Jardine (, who recently invited me to participate in the “My Writing Process Blog Tour.”

Thanks for the opportunity, Nancy. And by the way, Nancy lives is Scotland where it just so happens my novel “Trove” is partially set.

trove3DNow, onto my writing process!

Question 1: What am I working on?

I have several WIPs (works in process), but readers of the first book in Katie Walsh Mysteries, Trove, will be happy to learn that I am knee-deep in the second book, Harbinger.

While the end of Trove finds some of the mysteries seemingly solved, the story setting returns to Boston, Massachusetts from the Isle of Skye. In the scope of time, Harbinger begins several weeks after Trove ends and soon Katie and Alec are headed back to Willowton, in Somerset, England near the Bristol Channel.

Just as readers of Trove were challenged to rethink some long-held beliefs, Harbinger will delve deeper into the ancient history of Britain and the origins of the Druids and pull Katie and Alec into an adventure neither would have ever thought possible. Events will challenge their relationship and their actions will send out echoes like ripples on water.

I’m also working on a series of stories that sprouted from my short story, Rescuedpart of the NH Pulp Fiction Anthology “Love Free or Die” ( which is now set for release on February 14, 2015. This series, titled Tempting the Fates, is a light-hearted and somewhat zany trilogy of what happens when worlds collide.

And, I am collaborating on a paranormal romance series that will combine history and paranormal lore in what I think will be a very entertaining read.

Question 2: How does my work differ from others in the genre?

This is one of my biggest challenges in trying to market my books. Trove is a combination of mystery, adventure, suspense, and romance that seems to straddle many fences. I like to say it’s a “Romancing the Stone” meets “National Treasure.”

I love the paranormal, which includes much more than paranormal creatures (i.e. vampires, werewolves, shifters, etc.). Paranormal just means it’s not explainable by current scientific facts. What was once considered paranormal, say landing humans on the moon, to someone from the past is now fact.

My works are entertaining but they are also intended to challenge the reader to think “outside the box.” The puzzle pieces are there but in order to reassemble the picture you need to use all the pieces. If, as I believe, so many who’ve decided what the official version of history is have thrown pieces that don’t fit out of the box, then the picture they present may actually be very different than what really happened.

Question 3: Why do I write what I do?

I love history but I’ve come to the conclusion that one shouldn’t equate history with fact. During my lifetime of research, I’ve come across anomalies that made me step back reassess what I’d been fed as history. There are definitely mysteries that don’t fit into the proscribed story of humankind. If one is a true scientific person you can’t ignore the mysteries. You need to understand how they fit and if it creates an entirely new history, then that is something to consider not ignore.

My stories sprinkle some of these anomalies throughout and I attempt to get the reader to think of the possibilities that are yet to be really discovered.

I believe that the myths and legends of the ancients are based in fact. Like the childhood game of “telephone,” what has come down to use through the ages has been distorted and changed so much that we consider these works nothing more than quaint stories. I write about these lore in an attempt to involve the reader in the quest for knowledge!

Question 4: How does my writing process work?

I don’t have a process per se. I absorb information like a sponge, locking it away for future use. A solid idea will pop into my head seemingly from nowhere. (I freely admit I have a Muse nearby guiding me).

Once the idea appears I start writing. Though I am a panster (i.e. someone who writes without an outline) I am amazed that my story forms and flows as if I’d written an outline.

I do confess to revising as I write and this helps in the long run but slows me down quite a bit, but having said that, my final draft is pretty much my final story.

A word of advice to aspiring writers, some people will advise you to write every day, others like myself will say that’s not necessary for everyone. I know some days that my writing will be sub-par so instead of adding additional stress to my life I step away and come back another day invigorated and pumped up. You’ll find your own writing style and there’s no one that knows what you’re capable of better than YOU!

I hope I’ve given you a glimpse into my psyche. If you’re interested, my book Trove is available at Amazon (worldwide locations). Please check out the links of the “Purchase” tab for the US stores.

And now, let me introduce you to two additional writers who will be part of the blogging tour on Monday, March 2, 2014.

Linda Rae Sande

A self-described nerd and lover of science, Linda Rae spent many years as a published technical writer specializing in 3D graphics workstations, software and 3D animation (her movie credits include SHREK and SHREK 2). An interest in genealogy led to years of research on the Regency era and a desire to write fiction based in that time.

Now running the front office of a busy print shop, she’s developed an appreciation for pretty papers and spends time using them in her scrapbooks. She can frequently be found at the local cinema enjoying the latest movie. During the winter, she hosts several junior hockey players, and an indeterminate number of tropical fish live with her year-round. She makes her home in Cody, Wyoming.


Julie L. York

I am an author, graphic designer, editor, teacher, and mom – though not always in that order. I’ve been writing and designing since high school, when graphic design was called desktop publishing, PageMaker was the only option, and a red pen was the universal sign for a mistake. (I will be buried with a red pen in my hand!) Having written several different genres of books throughout my life, and finding the Good Ole Boy traditional publishing industry to be tear inducing, I abandoned my lifelong desire to be a published author around 2000.

In 2011, as a reward, I bought myself an iPod. Thanks to iBooks and the Kindle App, I’ve consumed thousands of eBooks since. I realized that many of the books that I’d been reading had been published using something called Smashwords. I went online and found an eBook publisher for do-it-yourselfers! Thrilled with knowing I could get my books published, I formatted my files for eBooks, created the covers, and uploaded. I found that Amazon’s eBook publishing was just as easy, so I re-formatted the books for them, and uploaded. I’ve continued writing new stories since – with them coming so fast, I almost can’t keep up with the ideas. I also edit for other authors, design book covers (print and digital), and write reviews for InD’tale magazine – at the same time as teaching and making sure my kids aren’t complete heathens.

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Join me today as author Marian Lanouette has graciously invited me for a visit.

My novel Trove, is a story layered with rich sub-plots and intrigues that keeps your mind involved as your fingers turn the page. As one reviewer stated: “Trove has so many facets: as the story unfolds, the richer the tale becomes.”

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New Link: I’m Guesting Today … Join me

Join me today as author Marian Lanouette has graciously invited me for a visit.

My novel Trove, is a story layered with rich sub-plots and intrigues that keeps your mind involved as your fingers turn the page. As one reviewer stated: “Trove has so many facets: as the story unfolds, the richer the tale becomes.”

Stop by and find out more:

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