The Power of Crystals

CrystalThe Power of Crystals

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention “crystals?” Do you think of the obvious choices: crystal stemware; crystal chandeliers; childhood prisms? Or are you more in-tune with your spiritual side and focus on crystals and their healing powers? If you think of crystals in these examples, you’re missing how important crystals are in our everyday lives.

So know I can see you crossing your arms and striking a skeptical pose, and the word “How” forming on your lips. Wonderful, at least I’ve captured your attention for a moment. Is that your cell phone ringing? Are you watching television? Are you surfing the ‘net? Well my friends then you are using crystals and they have a direct impact on your daily life.

How many of you wear a watch? Is it a quartz (crystal) movement, or is it a digital (liquid crystal) device? And let’s not forget the holy of holies in modern technology: silicon, which is a derivative of the process of melting (silicate) crystals and then molding them so we can use them in microprocessors which power our computers.

Scientists are working with lasers to store data not just on the surface of crystals, as do DVDs and CDs, but inside the crystals making super-efficient use of the many-planed surfaces found there. This affords an incredible advance in the ability to store massive amounts of data in ever-smaller physical units.  In the meantime, pick up your land-line phone or cell phone and call someone. Odds are you are using a fiber optic system somewhere in that communication link. Now you’re saying “So what” (I swear I can hear you). Well in case you’re not keeping up with the discussion, fiber optics are composed of glass and … wait for it…yep, you guessed it …crystals.

So you see, crystals are an integral part of our modern-day living and most of us aren’t even remotely aware of it. We tend to focus on what is front of us, in our sight-line. But if our information-processing and communication devices continue to decrease in size as their power increases, and since crystals have been known to mankind for millennium, it is entirely possible that they could have been used to power the technology of Atlantis. And due to their durability, it is possible that the crystals have survived and are waiting to be discovered.

In my novel Trove, Katie Walsh, investigative mythologist, believes that crystals were used by Atlanteans and she also believes that there were survivors of the cataclysm that destroyed their world. Join her as she sets out on her quest to prove her theory, and then follow her in the next book “Harbinger” to be released later in 2013!

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