Duntulm, Isle of Skye

Photos of Isle of Skye - Featured Images
This photo of Isle of Skye is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Duntulm, Isle of Skye

Even today with the remnants of Duntulm castle luring visitors, it is rather a remote location on the Isle of Skye. Situated on the far northern coast, at what one might consider the top of Skye when looking at a map, it stands sentinel over the Outer Hebrides.

It has been host to several cultures: the Picts, the Celts, the Norse and in my novel Trove, the survivors of the destruction of the legendary Atlantis.

There is a strong possibility, if one believes in the tale of Atlantis, that they were a seafaring race. Along with their rumored advanced technology, they most certainly would have maintained contact with other peoples by means of water. So when the nation was destroyed in a cataclysmic event, it was certainly plausible that some Atlanteans were away from their homeland and survived.

Have you ever pondered why pyramids seemed to have almost simultaneously “popped” up at disparate points across the globe? Was it the “100 hundred monkey” effect, or was it the guiding hands of the descendants of Atlantis who found sanctuary far away from the catastrophe. Why couldn’t have some headed North to the protected isles of the Inner Hebrides? Prehistoric (referring to the time prior to 3,000 BC) cairns are found in the area. Could these have served as beacons, guideposts, or symbols, alerting to those in the know? These, along with the legends and myths were designed to exist long past the time their creators faded into ancient history. We can only conjecture as to what they really mean.

Get to know Katie Walsh, investigative mythologist, in Trove as she makes a discovery supporting her theory of Atlantis survivors establishing a settlement near what is today known as Duntulm and then get ready for Book 2 in “The Katie Walsh Mysteries” where she starts to trace the origins of the Celtic Legend of the Green Man.

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