What is a Legend

Stone Chamber Entrance

What is a Legend

A legend, at least in my belief, is a representation of a historical event. One of the more important elements of a legend is that, at its core, the events recorded in the narrative are within in the realm of the possible.

Legends from far back in human history had been sent forward into the future by various means. The farther back in time we venture, we find that the narratives had passed down through oral recitation. This method raises two issues. How far back in time do the origins go and how much has the oral tradition changed or morphed from the original source?

At the point in time when legends were converted to a written format, essentially freezing them in place, we can trace any changes going forward. But much like the childhood game of “Telephone,” we can surmise that the original story was probably quite different. Add to that the issue of language evolution and our modern-day interpretations can be quite different from the accepted meaning at the time of the legends were captured in written format and thus from their remote origins.

The Celtic and Norse civilizations are rich in legends and mythic tales of super beings and their interactions with mortals. Though not as well-known as the Greek myths, they are every bit, if not more intriguing. The basis of “The Katie Walsh Mysteries” will introduce readers to the Celtic and Norse legends and weave them into connected adventures that will tie their meanings to current events.

It all starts here! Get to know Katie Walsh and her colleagues in Trove, and then get ready for the second of “The Katie Walsh Mysteries,” when the “Legends come to Light.

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