The Isle of Mists

SONY DSCAre you an adventurous soul? In these times, daily life is a challenge and an adventure for most of us, but not very enjoyable. Our lives are stressed-filled and we are not happy yet most of us long to be, at least part of the time. We owe it to ourselves and our psyches to devote some time each week to enrich and recharge our souls. Make it a habit to have “soul time.”

The Isle of Mists…say it out loud and what comes to mind when you hear it? For me it evokes mystery, hidden behind wispy, smoke-like tendrils that beckon you forward, enticing you to take a deep breath and enter the unknown. The Isle of Skye, part of the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, literally means “Isle of Mists.” It is a land rich in history, lore, and long inhabited by humans dating back to the Mesolithic era over 10,000 years ago. It is a place shrouded in the rich passage of time. There is a raw, ethereal feel to Skye. For millennia it has witnessed the advance of civilization, the drumbeat of time. The farther back in time, the more elusive the tangible history. That’s where legends and lore are born.

Oral recitation was a way of ensuring that history was preserved and passed down through the ages, but much like the childhood game of “telephone” the stories have changed. To further confound and perplex us, words and phrases today have different meanings than they did long ago, and languages have evolved right along with civilization. Imagine saying “that’s cool” to someone in the Middle Ages and they’d think you were referring to the temperature. What was so important that the Ancient Ones wanted to ensure that we didn’t forget…only we did, sort of. The legends are an enigma to us due to the passage of time and changes in language. Quaint stories to pass the time…but that’s not what they were meant to be. They were meant to be heeded!

This is the challenge that Katie Walsh, my heroine in Trove faces. She’s an investigative mythologist determined to ascertain what our ancestors were trying to tell us; commanding us to remember. Her quest in Trove takes her from Boston to the Isle of Skye to prove her theory that there were survivors of the destruction of Atlantis and they were the source of the legends. Of course where would an investigative mythologist be without a strapping archaeologist by the name of Alec MacGowan by her side, and yes, sometimes in her face!

Start the adventure of The Katie Walsh Mysteries with Trove:

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