Ready for an Adventure?

Have the winter blues got you down? Do you want to look out the window and see Spring arriving? I know I certainly do…especially after the 36″ snowfall that I’ve been shoveling for the last 2  days. The really incredible part is that all the snow fell in less than 24 hours!

But today, Sunday, the February sun is shining strong and bright. It is higher in the sky than a few weeks ago and Orion makes an early appearance in the night sky….Spring is indeed on the way and it’s time to treat your soul to an adventure.

My novel, Trove, is a great way to escape the dreary winter blahs. My heroine Katie is searching for Norland. She believes that there were survivors of the destruction of Atlantis and there were in fact scattered across the globe. She has identified one potential site and is very close to proving her theory by locating the ancient settlement….jbut a murder gets in her way. Join her in the adventure.

It All Starts Here!

Trove by KJ Montgomery

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